Concert for Flute and Concert for Clarinet

Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Conductor German Cespedes, Flute Ilia Lundin, Clarinet Anatoli Braznikov. Recorded in Moscow, Russia in 2006.

hear the flute

Suite for Cello Solo

Suites for Cello Solo is a CD with four suites, interpreted by cellist Júlio Ortiz. This CD was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil in the TAM studios.

listen to suite 1


This authorial CD was recorded in 2005 and it's a Brazilian popular music disc in the genre Choro.

listen Harmony Modulating


In addition to these three Compact Discs, the conductor Aleh Ferreira recorded four titles as a performer: Choros, Choros and Emotions, Aleh Ferreira Live and Trio Quintessencia.

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